We are honored to be Aggieland’s Premier Scooter Sales, Service & Rental Dealership, and we’re here to serve you. We’ve been riding and modifying our 2-wheeled rides for a combined 40+ years and we’re always excited to share our passion for scooters. Feel free to drop by and talk shop any time!

SamOwner / Thinks he's kind-of a big deal around here
Sam attended Blinn College and Texas A&M from 2001-2005, majoring in Industrial Distribution. He found the love for scooters after riding a friend’s in ’08 and purchasing his own in ’10. On his rare days off, you’ll find Sam at the race track, piloting one of the Scoots’ sponsored racecars… with his wife, daughter and ‘support’ scooters present, of course.
TylerService Manager / Mechanic
When he’s not surfing or working on scooters, Tyler can be found riding his Bonneville or hanging out with friends.
CurtisChief Mechanic / Enforcer
Curtis is good at 2 things, working on scooters and fighting bears.  Little known fact, he once slammed a revolving door.
JasonMechanic / Buddy 170i Consultant / Capo
Jason likes ostriches.. like, more than normal.
CraigMechanic / 2 Stroke Fiend
Craig is literally the foremost expert on vintage shifter Vespas.. figuratively.  He’s also our resident guru on classic Genuine Automatic Stellas & their exhaust systems.  We could tell you more about his past, but then we’d have to kill you.
CyarraFront House / Rental Manager / Knee Breaker
Cyarra is a new moped owner, thanks to us – cruising around town on a derestricted Buddy 50! She’s an easygoing, full-time college student and worker who knows how to get her money’s worth. After coming in to buy her own moped, she was so thrilled with it’s smooth ride and affordable price that she came to work for us to learn all about them!
AbigailFront House Manager / Anger Management Adviser
Gibney All the Things.
AudreyTrouble Maker Extraordinaire
Audrey can be found ‘riding’ the scooters from the front sidewalk into the store at night.  On her days off, she pilots a ‘Minions” stand up scooter around the driveway falling no less than once per minute.
ShannonFront House 2T Expert
Shannon has been in the scooter world for a while and can claim (on more than one of his rides), “I’m the only one within 100mi that owns one of these!”.  Currently he rocks a sweet Genuine 110cc Rattler on the daily! He has a vast knowledge of parts and know-how when it comes to performance and aesthetic modifications on 2 or 4 stroke scooters.