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Help! My title license is either lost or stolen!2020-06-01T10:48:22-06:00

We’re sorry that you can’t find it! Although we help with Title & License work at the point of sale, we cannot replace the original. In order to get a replacement, you will have to complete form VTR-34, application for a certified copy of title. NOTE: Only the state that you received your initial Title from can replace it. For example, if you received your title from Texas, only the Texas Government can replace it for you.

I want to keep my scooter in tip-top shape. What maintenance should I expect?2020-06-01T10:48:43-06:00

For the most part, scooters require very little maintenance. It varies a little between the models we offer, but regular gear and motor oil changes should keep you scooting for quite some time.  Like a traditional car, batteries, belts, filters, tires, and spark plugs will occasionally need to be checked and possibly replaced.  Unlike a traditional car, most wear items (including tires) cost less than $50 for the majority of scooters!

How frequently should the oil be changed in my scooter?2020-06-01T10:49:04-06:00

Scooter motors only carry a quart or less of oil, so it gets dirty much sooner. On the flip side it requires much less oil per change so we are able to use a higher quality lubricant for much less than an equivalent car oil change.

We suggest coming in for regular oil changes every 500 miles after the initial 200 mile break-in.

Not all bikes follow the same maintenance guidelines, ultimately it’s best to check your user manual and follow the instructions provided.

Do I need a motorcycle (class M) license to ride a scooter?2020-06-01T10:49:30-06:00

In Texas, you only need a basic (Class C) driver’s license to ride a Moped.  Moped/Motorcycle and scooter laws vary from state to state. All riders must follow the laws of the state in which their license was issued (For example, if your driver’s license is from Texas, you would follow Texas licensing laws). In Texas, if the scooter is on the Texas Certified Moped List, than it qualifies as a Moped.  If it’s not on this list, it is considered a motorcycle. All of our 49cc scooters qualify in the state of Texas as mopeds – don’t worry!

We strongly recommend all riders complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, even if you’re riding a 49cc scooter.

Do I have to wear a helmet on my scooter?2020-06-02T22:24:28-06:00

Much like licenses, helmet laws vary from state to state. In Texas, if you are 21 and have an applicable health insurance plan, you do not have to wear a helmet.

For obvious reasons, Scoots recommends riders wear full safety gear anytime they plan on riding. Scoots will also require all rental clients to wear a helmet for their safety.

For more information, visit the Texas DPS site here

How fast do they go?2020-06-01T10:57:35-06:00

That depends primarily on motor size, as well as other factors like size of the rider, weather, and components used. Our 50cc bikes can all easily do 30-35 and some can top out in the 50s.

Larger motors greatly increase acceleration.  For all the speed demons out there, our largest bike, the SYM Citycom 300 can handle highway speeds with ease!

What type of fuel do scooters use?2020-06-01T10:58:27-06:00

All of our scooters recommend 91 octane or better. This is readily available at all gas stations. Most stations also offer lower octane fuels; while a single tank will likely not cause issues, repeated use can shorten the life of your motor.

If you accidentally use a lower octane, just pay close attention to the motor and listen for irregular noises. If you hear anything, either bring it in to us or drain and replace the remaining fuel in the tank.

What kind of gas mileage should I expect?2020-06-01T10:58:51-06:00

This also varies greatly based on model and motor size, but our lineup ranges from 75-140 mpg advertised. You can take a look at our Products Page to see all of our models and associated MPG.

Is there additional costs to park on campus?2020-06-01T11:17:18-06:00

Just like cars there is a scooter parking pass for both Texas A&M and Blinn campuses. The good news is, they’re typically cheaper! Texas A&M scooter permits only cost $46/yr (or $92/yr if you don’t have a car pass).  Blinn motorcycle permits cost $75 for the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

These passes are different from car passes in that they let you park in any designated motorcycle area. Texas A&M campus has over 60 different lots to choose from, come check out our map to find the best locations for you!

Contact your school for more instructions on how to purchase one of these.

My scooter won’t start, what should I do?2020-06-01T11:13:18-06:00

Scooter batteries are much smaller than car batteries.  Because of this, their magical power to start your scooter dissipates more quickly. Frequent riding can often be enough to prevent this, but a battery trickle charger can also be a useful tool to keep your scoot ready to go at a moment’s notice!  We keep trickle chargers in stock and they sell for around $50.  They attach to your battery and plug into a wall outlet to keep your battery fully charged.

If your bike doesn’t want to start using the electric start, try these steps;
1) Check the electronics. When you turn the key to on, does anything respond (blinkers or brake lights)? If no, ensure your kill switch is in the ON position.  If there are still no signs of life, it’s likely that your battery is dead.
2) Some older models come standard with a choke, this can help a cold motor come back to life. Be sure to turn the choke off once the bike has warmed up to operating temperatures.  If your bike doesn’t have a manual choke, it’s likely an Automatic Choke (AKA Fuel Enricher Circuit), try holding about 1/3 throttle and try to start.
3) Check fuel. You’d be surprised how often this is the issue. If your scooter has a manual petcock (typically older scooters) then ensure that this is not set to off.
4) Attempt to kickstart. Scooters will charge the battery on their own much like the alternator in your car. Almost all of our models come with a kickstart lever. Turn they key on and try and kick it over. If this works, be sure to ride around for a few minutes to let your charging system properly charge the battery.

Do you offer performance upgrades for my scooter?2020-06-01T11:13:25-06:00

Yes! Scoots works with several providers to bring you the best in aftermarket parts available. This includes (but certainly isn’t limited to) shocks, forks, big bores, and exhausts.

We also have a full service shop and are more than willing to install your go-fast bits!

What do I do if my battery is dead?2020-06-01T11:13:40-06:00

If your scooter battery is dead, you can bring it to Scoots and we will test and recharge your battery at no cost! If it needs to be replaced, we will probably have your battery in stock! If not, we can order it for you.

Can I use my car to jump start my scooter?2020-06-01T11:17:28-06:00

It is possible, but the electrical system in your scooter is designed to operate at a much lower amperage. Jump starting a scooter with a car will likely damage the scooter’s electronics which will lead to costly repairs. We recommend purchasing a battery trickle charger if your battery needs to recharged. Or bring it to Scoots and we can test and recharge your battery at no cost!

Most scooter batteries must be charged at less than 1100mA.